What you can expect

Standard means all included



Bedlinen & towels

By check-in you will receive bedlinen, bedsheets and towels. Easy, right?

  • Free of charge


for minivans, cars and buses!

A huge advantage we offer our guest is the free parking- a big parkinglot in Oslo free of charge is almost too good to be true

  • 24/7 parking
  • It`s included in the price
Oslo is the place to be

Always something to do in town

Oslo is the perfect place for groups, beautiful surroundings and nature close by the hostel, and museums and shows to shopping and eating just 15 min from Haraldsheim

Group bookings made easy

We are specialized to handle groups of any size

  • Plenty of room options
  • Foodservices
  • All type of groups

We have rooms suitable for everyone, either you want a private room, a family room, or a room for groups between 3 and 6 persons -with private bathroom or shared facilities.The choice is yours.

For any group orders, please send us an email to [email protected] and we will come back to you with an offer you can`t resist

Drop us a message

The best thing with a hostel is that we offer full access to a well equipped guest kitchen. Gropus have the option to order any kind of food and beverages they wish for.

Our kitchen is well experienced and will make a varerity of dishes for your group.

litterally decades of experience with all kind of group orders. We have played a huge role when it comes to accommodation and Foodservices to groups like .

A great offer for young groups and children. Sports clubs, bands, choirs and other study gropus have been our pleassure to assist since 1953.