Frequently asked questions

Your budget may be limited, but the quality of Hostelling International accommodation is not! Wherever you stay, we aim to make your visit as enjoyable as possible while offering excellent value for money. We take hostel standards and quality very seriously. Hosteling is a special type of traveling. It is exciting and with full energy and great positive atmosphere, which makes travelling becomes like an adventure. All hostel have their own atmosphere, but common for all is that hostels are social meeting point for people travelling, like yourself seeking new experiences and loves to interact with different kind of people with different background, culture and religion.
Hostels are ideal places for individual travelers, families with kids and all kinds of groups (school, sports, organizations etc.) Hostels are often a type of accommodation used by backpackers or young people who travel by impulse - going where they want, when they want taking advantage of the opportunities that comes their way, making their budget last as long as it is possible. Hostels are less formal than other means of accommodations. The atmosphere is relaxed and you find facilities that guest may find friendships from all parts of the world. These facilities are guest kitchen, lounges, TV-rooms, laundry service room, bar etc. The staff are local experts and gives useful tips to their guests. Sometimes they also arrange activities at the hostel or within the destination. As a guest, you have the choice to book at bed sharing room with other travelers or you may book your own private room. It is also common for hostels to have information boards. These boards often show tips for what you could do at your destination, you may sign up for different activities, read about a staff favorite restaurant/pub or maybe post yourself at note asking for a travelling companion?
Breakfastbuffet is served fresh daily from kl. 06.30 to 09.30. Breakfastbuffet is part of the visit and is free.
With us you can surf as much as you want. We have wireless networks throughout the building, including in the rooms. Wifi password: haraldsheim1953
Absolutely! Our fantastic guestkitchen offers everything you need to cook most of your food. You can also save your foods by tagging them with your name. The area is the natural meeting place for our guests. The guestkitchen is open until midnight every day.
We love dogs, and of course they are welcome. The area offers incredible nice long walks for you and your doggy. Due to extra cleaning we charge 200 Nok to bring a dog.
We have a large parking space for cars and buses, where you can park safely and for free 24 hours a day.
“If you need further help, please drops us a line or call us” - we would love to help out