How it all started for HI Oslo Haraldsheim

HI Oslo Haraldsheim has worked side by side number of groups over the years, from choirs, band`s, sport teams and other associations in need of accommodation and or meeting rooms for seminars, kick-offs, and other gatherings. And quite frankly- we love to have that role!

We Have A Rich History

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we believe that hostelling is not just about having a place to stay; it’s about having fun, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people, whilst loving and respecting our environment.

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Book room from our website without any hassle. If need of any support, please contact us by email or phone, our reception is open 24/ and is looking forward to help you with any inquiries.

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Our HI mission, defined in 1932, is one of the earliest definitions of sustainable tourism. Hostelling International is dedicated to promoting sustainable tourism practices among our members and National Associations. We are committed to achieving a worldwide network of sustainable organisations and hostels.

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